Thinking about going commando, who is in?

It was in 3-2 of Friends (The One Where No One’s Ready) where I learned an interesting lesson about english idioms. When Joey dressed up in Chandler’s cloths to prove him wrong he confessed that sweating won’t be such a problem as he is „going commando“ anyway. Aha, so he is going what? Going commando? Fortunately the urban dictionary knows the answer and since then I know that Joey, obviously, is going out without wearing any shorts or similar. I heard the NY city winters are almost as cold as in Berlin, so hopefully he won’t end up having (ice) chrystal balls 🙂

Sure, when in the end Rachel convinces Ross to finally leave the appartment she tells him that she would also go commando…well, I see, but cannot remember that someone ever tried to get me going with such an argument…very bad 🙂

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